Coming form France, the obvious choice of cars to work on is of course French.  My choice brand of cars however, is the Citroen, specializing in the unique and classic car 2CV.  I went to school several years ago after deciding to make a career change, and chose mechanics to follow my passion of restoring these cars.  With this, I ended up getting involved with not only the Citroen car, but many other French and British cars as the challenges of them fit me perfectly.

As you will see in any of the projects I work on, the details that I enjoy most show through the restorations that I do.  A typical day in the shop for me consists of organizing the specific part(s) of the vehicle that I am working on at the moment and take on one piece at a time in a step-by-step process to get all of the parts finished in the most logical fashion that I can.  Every day offers a new challenge and working with each project offers me the ability to take that project and maximize it’s potential.

With over 30 years experience, or more of a lifetime of experience from childhood until now, I will have your classic French or British car’s project


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Vehicle Resoration

We can take your project from the worst condition to the best, depending on your budget


Having troubles with your vehicle? We have the right tools to make sure your vehicle is fixed properly

Body Work

With all of the destructive forces that you incure driving, inevitably you will have some exterior damage. We can fix that to make it look new again


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